Final Paperflaviofts

Final Paper


November 20th, 2013
Flávio Tavares Schirmer
Final Course Paper
Social Communication - Journalism
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul


The present monograph consists in an analysis of how two applications, Flipboard and Zite, represent a novel news consumption fashion inside the Mobile Journalism field. Questions evaluating this novel news consumption context in mobile devices and how the content customization concerns the user were answered during the analysis. These applications depict several technical and ethical questions of how this consumption takes place and how it distinguishes itself. News recommendation, in the interest and preferences of each reader, may be an important competitive advantage for communication companies.

The goal of this study is to demonstrate the true relevance of news personalization and its implications, discussing how the convergence process and mobility is redefining content consumption to mobile devices in an increasing ubiquitous and mobile audience. Two key points are examined and discussed during the analysis. The user direct participation through observation and evaluation of the software interface, and the indirect impact on those readers, explaining how the distinct ways of content customization affects journalism and the communication in general.

The concepts of convergence and mobility will be introduced along with a research that guides the relation of mobile devices use and how this is changing the news consumption through smartphones and tablets.  Understanding that Journalism moves towards the exploration of these new mobile connection devices, it is argued that it is necessary to contextualize the scene and conceptualize convergence and mobility to deepen the analysis that guide the field of Mobile Journalism.


Personalization. Customization. Mobile Journalism. News Curation. Mobile News.


soon to be translated. :(


soon to be translated. :(


soon to be translated. :(